NCSL publishes new reports related to population groups

The National Conference of State Legislatures has produced a new series of four publications that focus on the unique challenges and barriers related to occupational licensing for four specific population groups. Each report outlines specific state policy options to address the unique challenges faced by the individual population.

Database tracks state initiatives on occupational licensing

The National Conference of State Legislatures provides a continually updated database of occupational licensing legislation being pursued nationwide. The database tracks legislation focused on 34 distinct, high-growth occupations as well as proposals affecting licensing for skilled immigrants, individuals with criminal records, unemployed or dislocated workers, and active-duty military, veterans, and their spouses.

U.S. Department of Labor announces new grant for licensing reform

The U.S. Department of Labor announced April 12 a $7.5 million grant to support the current occupational licensing reform movement. In 2017 the Department of Labor awarded a grant of identical size to a coalition of state legislative and executive branch organizations to support launch of the Occupational Licensing Policy Learning Consortium involving 11 states, including Arkansas.

NCSL webinar updates actions on occupational licensing reforms

A webinar hosted by the National Conference of State Legislatures on Thursday, April 12, provided policymakers with up-to-date information on recent developments related to occupational licensing reform. The program was presented in behalf of the Occupational Licensing Policy Learning Consortium, a group of 11 states, including Arkansas, involved in a three-year program to address occupational licensing issues in the United States.

CLEAR offers state-by-state analysis of license sunrise/sunset reviews

The Council on Licensing, Enforcement, and Regulation, CLEAR, offers a variety of resources related to occupational licensing, including this state-by-state analysis of sunrise laws, which govern the formation of new licensing authorities, and sunset laws, which can result in the termination of licensing authority unless its continuation wins legislative approval. Other state-specific resources include the Texas Sunset Commission and Vermont statutes governing review of regulatory law

National occupational licensing database

Developed as part of the Occupational Licensing Policy Learning Consortium, the National Occupational Licensing Database offers state-by-state comparisons of licensing or certification practices for 34 occupations that 1) are regulated by at least 30 states, 2) have projected job-growth potential, 3) have an entry level of less than a four-year degree, and 4) have a national number of job holders exceeding at least 10,000.