Presidential executive order focuses on military spouses

President Trump on Wednesday, May 9, signed an executive order to benefit military spouses by enhancing employment opportunities at the federal government level and by promoting policies to improve occupational license portability and remove barriers for employment. Accompanying the executive order was a report by the Council of Economic Advisers on employment of military spouses. The report in part examines the effects associated with occupational licensing and observes: “Military spouses are more likely than other workers to be caught up in this country’s patchwork of occupational licensing laws, both because they are more likely to move across State lines and because they are disproportionately employed in occupations that require a license.”

Governor appoints Red Tape Reduction Working Group

Governor Asa Hutchinson appointed a 17-member Red Tape Reduction Working Group to examine occupational licensing in Arkansas and identify ways to reduce regulations without compromising the safety of consumers. After announcing formation of the Working Group in February, the governor in March added two more members: Daryl Bassett of the Department of Workforce Services and Brian Bowen, Deputy Attorney General for State Agencies at the Attorney General’s Office.